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After 80 years of use, plastic is finally facing a global backlash.

"We used to see [plastic] as litter – a nuisance but not a menace. That idea has been undermined by the recent widespread acknowledgment that plastic is far more pervasive and sinister than most people had ever imagined." -The Guardian


The equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute.
Nearly all plastic ever produced still exists.
Nearly all ocean pollution comes from land.

Human exposure:

Exposure to plastic can impact fertility, pregnancy, and can affect the fetus by interfering with testosterone, disrupting normal sexual development. This disruption is not often apparent until adulthood and includes the increased risk of cancer.

Why we're here:

Our goal is to partner with you and bring change to an issue that has become a worldwide epidemic, while simultaneously becoming better stewards of this beautiful planet we have been given. 

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