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How to make zero waste cold brew coffee

Do you know when it's summer and a hot cup of coffee sounds... too hot?  Still you want that flavor, that boost, that smell you've been thinking about since last night?  

Cold brewed coffee is the answer to your dilemma.  It's not hot coffee over ice, it's cold brewed overnight, significantly reducing the acidic oils, making it smooth and easily drinkable.

At Well Earth Goods we roast and ship our own high quality organic coffee beans bundled with our organic cotton cold brew strainer bag in order to help you create amazing plastic-free cold brew coffee at home.  This bundle is also at a reduced price vs buying them separate.

Below is how we prefer to create our summer brew.  Give it a shot and adjust to preference!

Cold brew coffee recipe:

  1. Grind your coffee beans using a course grind along with double the amount of grounds as you would use for hot coffee. 
    A good coffee to water ratio to begin with is 1:5 to 1:8.  The ratio here is really up to preference and can depend on how much coffee the drinker prefers.  We recommend starting with ¾ cup of coffee per 4 cups of water and then finding the balance from there.
    If it ends up being a bit dark you can dilute it if needed.
  2. Put them in the strainer bag and submerge it in a container of water (we prefer a large mason jar - see photo for example).
  3. Leave the top of the bag out of the water so that the grinds don't come out (we like to leave the draw string hanging out as we screw the jar lid on).
  4. Add the jar to the fridge and let sit for 12-16 hours depending on strength preference.
By morning you'll have perfect smooth cold brew coffee.  
Have a question?  Put it in the comments below and we'll help you figure it out.

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