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Who is behind Well Earth Goods? Meet Trudy!

Meet Trudy!  
Trudy is fun, funny, brilliant, reliable, and hard working!  She is responsible for getting your packages sufficiently packed and to your doorstep in perfect condition.  

She has a passion for not only being a good steward of our planet, but also our bodies!  Her passion for nutrition stems from health issues following overtraining as a collegiate javelin athlete!  She is so knowledgeable and our go to for all things health!  She does so much tedious work she is WAY overqualified for, like building boxes and counting laundry detergent sheets (yes, we buy them in bulk and count them BY HAND to reduce packaging as seen in the photo)!

Trudy also fully runs the shop and fills in when Anika is out of town! We are SO lucky to have her on our team!

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