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Zero Waste Valentine's Day Tips

A quick trip to any mainstream store during Valentines Day season can leave you overwhelmed with loads of pink & red plastic items. 
Let's keep it simple and plastic free this year!  Here are a few tips for kids and adults! 

Try creating a basket with any of the following:
  1. Flowers, for a splash of color that is 100% compostable! 
  2. Seed packets!  Cold tolerant veggies can be planted this time of year (depending on your region, you may have to start seeds indoors in pots).  Kids love to care for plants and get excited to eat the fruits of their labor.  Win-Win!
  3. Treats from bulk.  Buy in reusable, cotton bags and transfer into jars.  Chocolate covered nuts or raisins, trail mix, dried fruit, 
  4. Hand written notes from you! 
  5. Fruit.  Varieties you don't buy often can be a special treat.  
  6. Visit your favorite bakery for treats.  Have items placed in your own container or bag. 
  7. Experiences:  Gift certificates for kids museums, ice cream shops, trampoline parks, bouncy houses, or other favorite places.  
  8. Coupons for something simple you can do together:  A movie night at home, picnic, book reading, the park, a walk or hike, baking muffins, trip to the library
  9. Metal heart shaped cookie cutters for play-doh, cookie making, or creating art projects
  10. Colored pencils
  11. Print coloring sheets.  The paper can be recycled (coloring books usually have a plastic coated cover)
  12. Houseplant in a non plastic pot: KIds love to take care of plants.  If it dies, it's fully compostable and you can reuse the pot! 
  13. Silicone mould:  You can buy chocolate in paper wrapping or in bulk, melt it, and pour into moulds to make your own holiday treats OR give the mould to your kids so they can make them with you.  The mould will last a lifetime and can be easily recycled at the end of it's life. 

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