Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant | Well Earth Goods

Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant

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The peace of mind knowing you are using an effective deodorant that will last all day is such a relief.  But what about also knowing that you're using one with all natural ingredients that leaves no waste after you're finished with it?  This awesome deodorant is both! 

Hand made zero waste all natural organic deodorant for men and women that is highly effective.  

This Zero Waste Organic Natural Deodorant will leave you smelling fresh and clean without any worries.  It's aluminum free, and paraben free.  It uses all natural ingredients including essential oils that nourish your body.  See below for ingredients list.  

(Recommended - If you’re making the switch from a conventional antiperspirant deodorant, we recommend this underarm detox bar to help your body make the transition quickly and effectively.)

  • Effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Glides on clear
  • Won't stain
  • Long lasting
  • Zero waste

Available in 6 scents:

  1. Cedar and Doug Fir
  2. Lemongrass and Peppermint
  3. Tea Tree and Lavender
  4. Bergamot Lime
  5. Unscented
  6. Orange Patchouli

Sold individually

Each Pit Stop deodorant comes packaged in a completely biodegradable compostable 2.3 Oz. push-up tube.  Great for airplane travel as its under the 3.4 oz TSA requirement.

These compostable deodorant tubes are shipped with no waste, no plastic shipping materials just like everything sold at Well Earth Goods.

Pit Stop Deodorant is not an antiperspirant. Sweating is extremely important for the body to be able to rid itself of toxins. 

Organic and natural ingredients
Aluminum free
Paraben free
Cruelty free
No synthetic preservatives
No synthetic fragrances
Package in biodegradable containers
Made in small batches
Made with ethically sourced materials
Made with love in USA

Pit Stop deodorant is shelf stable for at least 6 months. Use on clean, dry armpits. Store in a cool and dry location and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Certified Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil is a natural high source of vitamin E and is packed with beneficial fatty acids.

Certified Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter: Shea butter hydrates skin and is naturally high in vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals. Shea butter helps the deodorant to glide on easily.

Certified Organic Tapioca Powder: Tapioca powder is a minimally processed plant starch that helps with moisture absorption.

Certified Organic Beeswax: A hardening agent that keeps the deodorant stick a stick.

Naturally Procured Baking Soda: Natural baking soda mined directly from the ground without any chemical reactions.

Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil: Aside from being a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E oil helps to extend the shelf life. The vitamin E oil we purchase is obtained from the vegetable fats of non-GMO soy sources.

Certified Organic Essential Oils: All essential oils are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. Because of it's freshening properties, tea tree essential oil is added to all the deodorants including the unscented deodorant, but not enough to smell except in the Tea Tree & Lavender scent.

This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer in Kentucky.  No plastic is ever used, and the smallest boxes or envelopes possible are used to reduce materials.