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Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set

Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set

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Send a Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Set that is as useful as it is unique.

We've gathered a few of our kitchen goodies including hand made soap dish, solid dishwashing soap, wood pot brush, and hand woven hand towel. This gift is perfect for your earth-conscious recipients that love unique beautiful, quality kitchen products.


1. Bamboo Soap Lift

Made to fit our Dish Washing Block perfectly, this Moso Bamboo Soap Lift will keep your Dish Block in place while you rub your brush on it, and dry between uses.

Moso bamboo, known as the giant bamboo or timber bamboo, has been used for centuries to fashion buildings, flooring and culinary tools. The young shoots are often prepared into Asian dishes.

2. Dish Washing Block Soap

These amazing zero-waste, vegan dishwashing blocks are cleaning powerhouses with a rich lather. They easily cut stubborn grease and grime on dishes, pots and pans. They also have aloe vera to be gentle on your hands.

In addition to being a great no plastic alternative in the kitchen, they also take stains out of laundry, labels off of jars, spot clean your carpet, and can be used to wipe down counters. It's a truly multipurpose product that can be used to clean your entire home!

These 5.9 oz oz bars last a long time. After using ours for a month at the kitchen sink we are finally starting to put a dent in it.

3. Wood Pot Brush

Strong natural fiber bristles - Stiff, flexible union fibers are designed to handle heavy duty cleaning. Ideal for scrubbing out stains on a variety of surfaces

Gorgeous hand crafted Beechwood - Untreated beechwood brush body will vary somewhat from the product image due to natural grain of the wood.

Multi-use - Durable design can also be used for just about any cleaning or scrubbing purposes. It's rounded shape easily reaches into corners and crevices

4. Oversized Woven Hand Towel

The tight weave of this fair trade hand towel makes it absorbent, soft, and remarkably lightweight. The grid design and natural fringe makes a daily household item a work of art while hung to dry in between use. Despite its oversized dimensions, the slim cotton towel folds compactly into kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Dries quickly | Folds compactly | Displays beautifully

Approximately 20" x 30"

Woven cotton yarn | Machine washable

Woven on a pedal loom by women in Sololá, Guatemala

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