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No Plastic Hair Wax | Well Earth Goods
No Plastic Hair Wax | Well Earth Goods

No Plastic Hair Wax - Free Shipping

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No alcohol or chemicals, and no plastic can be found in this all natural hair wax.  The soft holding power of beeswax, along with a little bentonite clay and arrowroot powder are combined for texture.

Tame your mane with a light hold and a touch of shine.


jojoba oil,
cocoa butter,
bentonite clay,
arrowroot powder


Net wt: 2.82 oz (80 g).

2.7" l x 2.7" w x 0.8" h

Shipping practices
All Well Earth Goods products are packed in 100% recyclable paper based materials including recycled paper tape, recycled labels, recycled mailer envelopes and recycled paper for cushioning. No plastic is ever used, and the smallest boxes or envelopes possible are used to reduce materials.