Zero Waste Underarm Detox Bar – Well Earth Goods

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Zero Waste Underarm Detox Bar | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Underarm Detox Bar | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Underarm Detox Bar | Well Earth Goods
Zero Waste Underarm Detox Bar | Well Earth Goods

Zero Waste Underarm Detox Bar

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Why should you detox your underarms? After years of using pore clogging aluminum deodorant with antiperspirant, then making the switch to natural deodorant, your body could have a hard time adjusting.

This soap bar will gently exfoliate and help you transition quickly and naturally.  Lets detox those pits and get you on the right track.


  • fragrance-free
  • palm-free
  • detergent-free
  • gently exfoliates
  • vegan
  • organic
  • fair-trade
  • hand made

More about underarm detox - When you stop using aluminum deodorant with antiperspirant, your sweat glands overcompensate from being plugged up for so long and start over-producing sweat, and you can actually smell worse for a while.  It can take up to 30 days for your body to fully detox from aluminum.  Additionally, the bacterial communities under your arms are changing and it can take a few weeks to adjust.  Detox your underarms to help during the transition and remove chemicals so that the natural deodorant will work better and sooner.

How does it smell? It has nearly no smell unless you put your nose right on it.  Then it smells a little like charcoal and clay.  Very mild and fresh.

When to use - Use it for the first few weeks when you're switching, to help you get to the confident "yes, my natural deodorant works!" state.

How to use - Wet bar. Lather in armpits. Wait about a minute. Rinse thoroughly. Dry armpits before applying deodorant. 

How long does it last? - Used daily it should last about as long as it takes to fully detox ~ 30 days or so if used daily.

Organic fair-trade shea butter for softness and soothing.

Each bar is slightly different in shape and size due to the 100% handmade nature of this product.

Size is 0.9 oz.

Ingredients - Sodium shea butterate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, loofah, clay, activated charcoal

Packaging - Paper box that can be easily recycled.

Shipping practices - All Well Earth Goods products are packed in 100% recyclable paper based materials including recycled paper tape, recycled labels, recycled mailer envelopes and recycled paper for cushioning.  No plastic is ever used, and the smallest boxes or envelopes possible are used to reduce materials.