About Us

Anderson | Well Earth Goods

We are Jocelynn and Lee Anderson.
Based in Oregon and raising 3 kids, we strive to use products from sustainable resources, and minimize waste. We also love quality products. We want to share our passion with others by providing quality products that support a minimalist, waste-free lifestyle for all ages and help keep the earth well.

How it started

We both had full time careers, but had a vision in 2018 to pair Jocelynn's passion for health and reducing plastic waste with my skills as a digital marketer.

We spent every spare minute for 6 months dreaming up Well Earth Goods. Including date nights like this!

We built a small packing station in our extra bedroom next to our shelf of newly acquired inventory and launched the website just before Thanksgiving 2018.

We spent many late nights in here packing orders after the kids went to bed.
Within 6 months we realized we would soon need more space, and help.

During the Christmas season of 2019 we decided to renovate our basement to be a warehouse and packing area using everything we learned from our previous space.
Because we were doing the renovations ourselves, and were getting overwhelmed by orders we started to tap our amazing friends to help out.
How it's going
These days Well Earth Goods is our full time job. Jocelynn juggles homeschooling the boys (5 & 7) with procuring our unique product line. Every once in a while she gets to come down and help pack orders.

I (Lee) take care of advertising, product photography, and all things web.

We have two amazing and talented friends that take care of the day-to-day order fulfillment, customer service, and so much of the other things that keep us running and serving you well.

Our daughter, Grace handles our social media and models in occasional photography shoots while going to Oregon State University.

Well Earth Goods is truly a home grown, family run small business based in Southern Oregon and we enjoy getting to serve you as we work to offer better products that help keep our earth well.

We Appreciate You!
Thank you so much for your support and for your commitment to reducing plastic waste on this beautiful planet we've be given!
Jocelynn & Lee Anderson