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Shipping Materials and Practices

Everything at Well Earth Goods includes Free Shipping in the USA.

The large majority of our packages using our Fast, Free Shipping option ship with USPS First Class. These generally arrive in 2-3 days from the ship date (if you're in the USA). Some heavier packages ship with UPS ground and can take 5-7 days.

Shipping Materials

All Well Earth Goods products are packed in 100% recyclable paper based or compostable starch-based materials including:

  • Recycled paper tape
  • Recycled labels
  • Recycled mailer envelopes
  • Recycle-able kraft paper for cushioning
  • Compostable, dissolvable starch-based packing peanuts

Glassine bags

Some of our products are shipped in a recyclable/biodegradable no wax paper glassine bag. Glassine is a thin, flat, and smooth paper that is resistant to water, air, and grease. It's made through a manufacturing process called supercalendering, which involves running paper web through hot rollers to make the fibers lay flat and in the same direction.  Examples of products packaged in glassine bags include shampoo bars, and laundry detergent strips


Many of our glassine bags come with a sticker on them indicating whats inside the bag, as well as keeping it closed.  These stickers are made from compostable sugercane pulp, and use a special adhesive that is also compostable.  

Packing Peanuts & other reused materials

Occasionally we have local businesses donating packing material to use that we reuse.  This often includes dissolvable and compostable starch-based packing peanuts.  We also reuse boxes and paper that we receive in order to cut down on our waste/recycling.

No plastic is ever used, and the smallest boxes or envelopes possible are used to reduce materials.

As always, all shipping is free in the USA.

Questions?  Feel free to shoot us a text at 541-944-9355.

Thank you!

Jos & Lee Anderson