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Zero Waste Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar- Well Earth Goods

Zero Waste Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar - Shiny, Luxurious Hair - Free Shipping

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"1/3 of all waste in landfills is created by personal care products, and our landfills are filling up because 10 million tons of single- use plastic is finding its way into our oceans every year."

Shampoo bars are awesome! Not only do they eliminate the need for plastic bottles and packaging, because they’re a solid, they’re amazing for travel.  These bars are made from the highest quality vegan and organic ingredients.

Made of entirely natural and organic herbs and oils, this shampoo bar leaves hair shiny, bouncy, soft, luxurious, and clean.  It's zero waste, has a lovely lather, and is made with our favorite hair herbs and oils.  It lasts a long time, and quadruples as a face, body soap, and shaving soap, though I think you'll want to save it for your hair!

Why use shampoo bars? They are natural, gentle, environmentally friendly, cost effective and convenient. Customers tell us that switching to shampoo bars helps increase volume and shine and reduce shedding, dandruff, and frizz. 


What's the difference between a shampoo bar and a regular soap bar? Shampoo bars generally have a higher percentage of oils than regular bars so they can condition as well as cleanse. For our bars, jojoba oil is added after saponification occurs so the finest hair benefiting oil remains to condition your hair.


3.375 inches x 2.375 inches x 1 inch

How to Use:

There are many ways to use a shampoo bar and what works for one person, may not work for another. You may want to try several methods to see which one works best for you.
Technique #1:
Use The Bar Directly On Your Hair

  1. Begin with wet hair.
  2. Gently rub the wet the shampoo bar directly onto your hair from scalp to ends in a combing motion.
  3. Cover each section of your hair. Gently massage scalp and hair, adding more water as needed, until a good lather forms.
  4. To prevent tangles, be sure to always work from the top down, don't pile your hair on your head and use your fingers like a comb, not a mixer.
  5. With this method, it is very important that you really build up a good lather on your head so there are no patches of soap left on your hair.
  6. Rinse, rinse, rinse!
  7. Repeat if desired

Technique #2: Create The Lather in Your Hands

  1. Begin with thoroughly wet hair.
  2. Rub the wet shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather.
  3. Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair.
  4. Gently massage it into the scalp and hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo.
  5. Work up a good lather
  6. Rinse, rinse, rinse!
  7. Repeat if desired.



cold pressed virgin coconut oil,* extra virgin olive oil* infused with herbs (ashwagandha, skikakai, bhringraj, hibiscus, amla, tulsi, fenugreek, brahmi, neem),* cold pressed hemp seed oil,* sodium hydroxide,† water, babassu oil,* castor oil,* jojoba oil,* soapnuts (aritha),* aloe vera,* essential oils of rosemary,* lemon,* and peppermint,* non-GMO vitamin E oil
*certified organic
†none remains after saponifying oils into soap

Ayurvedic herbal tradition is one of the oldest holistic healthcare practices in the world. Therefore, they've had a ton of time to experiment with herbs and hair health (over 3000 years)! The following is a brief description of the herbs selected for our shampoo bar:

Soapnuts (aritha): Soapnuts are naturally abundant in saponins (a naturally occurring soap-like substance) which makes it excellent for gently cleansing hair while adding body and shine.

Shikakai: Translates to "hair fruit." Shikakai is rich in vitamins C,A,D,E, and K, antioxidants, and has long been used in India to strengthen hair, increase bounciness, and shine, and condition hair.

Amla: Amla, also called "Fruit of Heaven," is a superfood for hair! It has almost twice the amount of antioxidants as acai berries and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Amla has long been used in Ayurvedic tradition for conditioning, and adding shine and texture to hair.

Ashwagandha: Sometimes referred to as the "Indian ginseng," ashwagandha is a powerful antioxidant that has long been used to improve the life of aging hair.

Bhringraj: Also called, "The King of Herbs," bhringraj is another hair that is great for aging hair along with helping to add moisture, shine, and body.

Hibiscus: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, hibiscus helps add life to aging hair along with strengthening and gently conditioning hair.

Tulsi: Known as "The Queen of Herbs," tulsi is a powerful antioxidant and helps with general scalp irritation and dryness.

Fenugreek: Abundant in proteins and lecithin, fenugreek helps to keep hair silky and preserve hair's natural color.

Brahmi: Brahmi creates a protective layer around hair, helping to reduce split ends while adding body and shine.

Neem: Neem has long been used to help soothe scalp irritations, reduce split ends, and help with frizzy hair.

Aloe Vera: Abundant in over 100 traceable nutrients, aloe is the wonder herb of hair care. It has long been used to condition, moisturize, and add luster and shine to hair.

Rosemary, Peppermint, and Lemon Essential Oil: Not only do these essential oils make for a freshening and fantastic scent, they're excellent for hair too! All three help to add body, life and shine to hair.

A sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free natural shampoo

Shipping practices - All Well Earth Goods products are packed in 100% recyclable paper based materials including recycled paper tape, recycled labels, recycled mailer envelopes and recycled paper for cushioning.  No plastic is ever used, and the smallest boxes or envelopes possible are used to reduce materials.