Plastic-Free Bamboo Hair Brush

Plastic-Free Bamboo Hair Brush

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This zero-waste hairbrush is just what you need if you are tired of cheap plastic hairbrushes that pollute the landfills and add static to your hair.

The handle of this Plastic-Free Bamboo Hair Brush is made from 100% sustainable Bamboo, the airbag is made of natural rubber, and the bristles are made from durable carbonized wood.


The solid handle gives you complete control of each brushstroke and the natural wood bristles are rounded for gliding through hair without worrying about splinters.

Doesn't generate static

Bamboo doesn't generate static like plastic brushes are known for. Combing your hair with a bamboo brush will leave less static in your hair, especially if used when your hair is still a bit damp.

Made from sustainable materials

Give your hair the experience it deserves with this paddle brush made from natural and sustainable materials that will eventually return to the Earth after its useful life of several years.

6 Reasons to use a Bamboo hair brush

  • Made from 100% biodegradable materials.
  • Hand crafted where the materials are sourced for fewer carbon miles.
  • Less static - Plastic hair brushes increase the electrical charge of your hair, and as a plastic brush glides through your hair, the increased electrical charge leads to static.
  • Gentler detangling - The bamboo bristles of our no plastic bamboo hair brush are surprisingly soft, smooth and free from sharp corners, so when pulled through your hair, they detangle gently.
  • Shinier hair - A bamboo hair brush glides through your hair, teasing the natural oils from the scalp along each strand, which results in a shinier, glossier appearance.
  • Massaged scalp - Our bamboo hair brush with natural rubber cushioning and smooth bamboo bristles stimulate and massage the scalp when you use them. Massaging the scalp increases sebum production, which means softer, shinier hair.


  • Material: Bamboo
  • Color: Brown
  • Size-Oval: 22,5x7cm-8,9x2,8in
  • Paddle: 24.5x8.5cm-9.6x3.3in

This product is shipped directly from the maker in Austin Texas saving an extra trip to us, and reducing packaging.