Well Earth Goods Shipping Insurance

On occasion we have customers who's packages get lost in the mail, or damaged.  We do our best to work with the postal companies, but many times in this situation the package is a total loss.  If you've ever had this happen to you, you know how frustrating this can be.  

Generally, even if there is a process to remedy this issue with the company who sent it its usually a multi-step process that takes time and you may or may not get a replacement.  

We've used shipping insurance companies in the past on this website to help customers have a tool for this situation should it occur, and lets just say they've been less than ideal. 

We're tired of messing around.  We want you to have an easy, fast way to solve this problem if it comes up so we have launched our own shipping insurance program.

Introducing Well Earth Goods Shipping Insurance! 
There are no difficult processes, or prerequisites.  If your package gets lost or damaged just shoot us an email at support@wellearthgoods.com, or a text to 541-944-9355 and let us know who you are.  We'll get your replacement package in the mail as soon as possible, usually the same business day!

How can you purchase it?  
You can go here and add it to your cart (just like any other product)! 

Or, when you click "Check Out" in your cart you will see a popup asking if you'd like insurance.  Just click "Add Shipping Insurance" and check out as normal.  See example below.

Well Earth Goods Shipping Insurance

We hope this helps make ordering from Well Earth Goods a little bit better.  We're happy to serve you and hope you will give us any feedback you may have about this in the comment section below.  

Thank you!

Jocelynn & Lee Anderson

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